The colour fun run!!!!#Fun!!


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Yay!! I’m so excited until tomorrow because we do this fun stuff. We have to get out of our uniform and wear light stuff like white T-shirts and white pants or anything close to white like a bright colour. And I’ll tell you why we have to wear light coloured clothes soon. But first I have to tell you the important stuff. One of the important things are that we get to run and do obstacle courses. Then when we have a rest we get splattered everywhere with powder paint and the paint will stay there that is why we have to wear light coloured clothes. That is why I am so excited!!! So all of those TPS people get ready for the colour run!! All of those people out there I wish you guys where at TPS so you can have fun but I’m sorry. Hope you children out there have a great time like us in TPS.  Thanks for listening to what will be happening on Friday September 2017 on the colour run!!!    (22/9/17)



The camping ground


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“Mum! Wake up!”   I said.  “It’s time to go camping!”

“Ok, Ok! Calm down!” said mum.

 Hi. I’m Elizabeth but people call me Izzy or Sissy for short. Today we are going camping and Yes I was the one who woke up my mum. I get sometimes very excited when we go on holidays and we are staying at the camping ground for only five days and four nights.

“Mum I already got all my things ready!”

“Ok good girl. I’m just checking if it is sunny or rainy when we drive to the camping ground,” mum said. “And it is sunny! Yay! Honey got your things ready yet?”

 “Yes I’m ready.” Dad said. “Come on honey. Come on Izzy! Time to go to the car now!”

Yay!” I said.

“Let’s go!”

(5 Hours later)

“We are here! Finally after five hours! Now this is the camping ground but it looks a little weird. I mean like it looks like that we are in the middle of the woods,” I said.

“Well it’s not that bad really. I guess so… Oh well at least it’s better than staying at home doing nothing eating potatoes,” said dad.

“Yeah it is better than that but I don’t really have a good feeling about this. ” I said.

So guys the only reason why I didn’t really have a good feeling about it was because some say if you are in the woods camping with no one else some one or some person would try to scare you like steel your parents or steel your lollies or even make sounds like “creek” around your tent haunting you!!!! That’s why I had a bad feeling about this…

I have now started my story. Maybe someone can finish it.

To be continued…

Our Astonishing School!!! #TheBestEver


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I think Tenambit public school is the best school in the world!!!!    In our school we have the best teachers and friends!!! We also have good education!!!!  Our Rules in our school are…. the 5 star rules, the Respect, Responsibility and Excellence.    The 5 star rules are…

  1. I can listen
  2. I can follow instructions
  3. I can raise my hand and wait
  4. I can keep my hands and feet to myself
  5. I can work quietly

Those are our 5 star rules. Our respect rules are being kind, listening to  others, speaking politely and all of those respectful things.  The responsibility rules are  keeping the school tidy, acting safely, making positive choices and all of the responsible things. All of the excellent rules are working hard, having a try and all of those excellent things. That’s why my school is astonishing!!!!

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