The colour fun run!!!!#Fun!!


Posted by genyltps | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on September 26, 2017

Yay!! I’m so excited until tomorrow because we do this fun stuff. We have to get out of our uniform and wear light stuff like white T-shirts and white pants or anything close to white like a bright colour. And I’ll tell you why we have to wear light coloured clothes soon. But first I have to tell you the important stuff. One of the important things are that we get to run and do obstacle courses. Then when we have a rest we get splattered everywhere with powder paint and the paint will stay there that is why we have to wear light coloured clothes. That is why I am so excited!!! So all of those TPS people get ready for the colour run!! All of those people out there I wish you guys where at TPS so you can have fun but I’m sorry. Hope you children out there have a great time like us in TPS.  Thanks for listening to what will be happening on Friday September 2017 on the colour run!!!    (22/9/17)



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