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Posted by genyltps | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on November 9, 2017


My talents are playing the piano, singing, dancing and making new friends but I’ll tell you about one of my talents which is playing the piano. Well I’ve been learning how to play the piano for two years but sometimes I’m too lazy to practise. Well my mum taught me how to play the piano and now I know how to play Flashlight the whole song, Twinkle twinkle little star with two hands and a few more. It’s actually a bit easy but I still don’t know how to read the notes. Well only a bit. On the 9th of November I’ll be playing the piano in front of my class playing flash light and I’m so excited! It’s actually pretty easy to play the piano. It’s just practice makes perfect…well that’s what people say and I bet you would be like “Yes I know mum!” or “Everyone says that all the time mum!” I know but they are true. So why don’t you practice! And the notes for Flashlight are in this picture.


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