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My birth countries are the Philippines

and China but today I’ll tell you about Philippines. Well my country Philippines has been captured by other countries for 200 years and that is only because  those other countries thought that they could rule over poor countries. You know what they did to us? My nan tells stories of  when they stole women and took their children to get buried alive. With the fathers they just tortured them until they die. And that was for 200 years!!! Well until the Americans came. They said to stop torturing the country but they said “no” so the Americans went back to their country and made a big nuclear bomb to land onto their country (the enemies country) and destroy it. So the enemy surrendered and the Philippines was safe and sound. Of course that happened when I wasn’t around but it did happen. Well now talking about what Philippines is like. It is very hot there all year round and we have tan coloured skins. Our festivals there are giant lantern festival, Dinagyang and so many more. The Capital city is Manila and the President is  Rodrigo Duterte. In Australia we would call the last name Duterty but it’s spelt like Duterte. The population is 103.3 million (2016). Well I hope you have learnt a bit of the Philippines. 


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Hi Geny,
That’s a lot of information you have there. Where did you get all of it from?

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